Coach Shackelford

Coach John ShackelfordCoach Shack at Camp

The 2013 season is the 28th for John Shackelford, the men's coach for the nationally-ranked tennis program at Sewanee: The University of the South.

The most successful men's coach in the history of the University, Shackelford's teams have advanced to the NCAA Division III tournament 14 times, won seven conference championships and have also been listed in the ITA top-10 on four occasions. He has coached 16 All-Americans and 80 all-conference players (33 in the CAC; 47 in the SCAC).

Shackelford’s 27 year career record is 411-253.  He has won the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Men's Tennis Coach of the Year award on two occasions. 

Coach Shackelford is the former chairman of the NCAA Men and Women's Tennis Committee, assists with the nationally recognized Sewanee women’s tennis program, and also directs the highly successful Tiger Tennis Camp for juniors and adults each June at The Domain in Sewanee.  

A native of Asheville, North Carolina, Shackelford, affectionately know as “Coach Shack,” has a bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington in physical education (1983) and has a master’s degree in P.E. from the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga (1987). He played tennis at Asheville High School and UNC-Wilmington and held a No. 1 Southern doubles ranking with former player Pat Guerry in the late 1980s.

John and his wife, Conchie live in Sewanee with their four daughters: Avery (20), Sadie (18), Michaela (17), and Tessa (11).

Shackelford adds that his goal as coach of the Tiger Tennis program has always been to instill a sense of family within the team and this is evident in his players’ success both on and off the field.  “Those who have gone before us have left a legacy of commitment and success. We hope to build on those traditions and make our hard work and dedication an important part of each student-athlete’s Sewanee experience. Our athletic experience provides us with a unique opportunity to test ourselves in a variety of ways. We seek to meet those challenges and grow from them.’’

Coach Conchie ShackelfordConchie Shackelford

The winningest coach in Sewanee athletic history, 2013 marks Conchie Shackelford’s 27th season at the helm of the Sewanee women’s tennis program. Holding a career record (24 seasons; 1987-2010) of 450-170 (73%), she has had 26 straight winning seasons—more than any other women's coach in school history.  Shackelford has had 15 straight years with a top-15 national ranking (1988-2002; No. 4 in 1990; No. 6 in 2006; and No. 3 in 2007). The Tigers open the 2011 season ranked 21st in NCAA Division III. 

The 2007 Tigers finished third in the nation at the NCAA Championships, the highest national finish of any Sewanee team on record. They also won the Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Championship with a win over national powerhouse DePauw University. Shackelford was selected SCAC Coach of the Year in 2007. 

Shackelford has coached 27 All-Americans, two National Champions (doubles), 17 National Scholar Athletes, three National Senior Players of the Year, and one National Freshman Player of the Year.  Her players have earned four WIAC championships and two SCAC championships. Conchie was the selected the SCAC Coach of the Year in 1992 and 2007 and the  ITA Atlantic South Coach of the Year in 2001 and 2006, and has also served on both the NCAA South Region Committee and the ITA South Committee from 1995-2008 and has been the ITA Southern Awards Chair since 2003.

A native of Jacksonville, North Carolina, Shackelford earned her bachelor's degree in business in 1982 from the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. She was a Division I player at UNC-Wilmington, receiving a tennis scholarship after a stellar career at Jacksonville (NC) High School. She and her husband John live in Sewanee and have four children, Avery (20) Sadie (18), Michaela (17), and Tessa (11).

Shackelford’s guiding philosophy has been to combine hard work and fun with each student’s educational experience. “Our girls are committed to our success, balancing the fun and companionship of competing in intercollegiate athletics with the dedication necessary to compete at the highest level of Division III competition while working toward a world class education. I am most proud of the variety of success’s members of our team have found. They are active in contributing to the many facets of campus life and their community,’’ she adds.


° 13 years in the NCAA Division tournament; 1988-89-90-93-95-96-97-98-2000-01-02-03-06

° 4 top 10 finishes in the final ITA national rankings

° 7 conference championships; 1986-88-89-90-91-93-97.



Coach Shackelford has coaches 16 All-Americans in 22 seasons.

° Pat Guerry, Four-time All-American, 1986(s)-87(s)-88(s)-89(s)

° K.C. Horne, Six-time All-American, 1993 (d)-94(s/d)-95(s/d)-96(s)

° Stephen Jackson, All-American in 1993(dbles)

° Brian Morrow, Two-Time All-American in 1994(d)-95(d)

° Adam Kent, All-American in 2002(s)

° Jason Abraham, All-American in 2003(s)

*Charlie Boyd, All-American in 2007(s)

National Senior Player of the Year

° Pat Guerry, 1989

ITA Arthur Ashe Sportsmanship Award

°Pat Guerry, 1988

ITA National Scholar-Athletes 

° Pat Guerry, 1988,1989

° Jameel Clark, 2003

° Joe Carvalho, 2003, 2004, 2005

° Logan Nalley, 2003, 2004

° Beau Cox, 2004, 2005

ITA National Rookie of the Year

°Pat Guerry, 1986

° K.C. Horne, 1993

NCAA National Singles Semifinalist

° Pat Guerry, 1986

Conference Player of the Year

° K.C. Horne, 1995 SCAC Player of the Year


All Americans:

Sarah Cameron(1) — 1999(d) ... doubles with Mary Missbach

Gab Carvalho(5) — 2005 (s), 2006 (s), 2007 (s/d), 2008

Becky Jo Doncaster(3) — 1991(d), 1992(d), 1993(d) ... doubles with Cameron Tyer

Laura Fanjoy (2) -- 2007 (s/d) ... doubles with Gab Carvalho

Ellen Gray Maybank(4) — 1989(s/d), 1990 (s/d)

Mary Missbach(3) — 1999(s/d), 2000 (s) ... doubles with Sarah Cameron

Katy Morrissey(2) — 1989 (d), 1990 (d) ... doubles with Ellen Gray Maybank

Kathy North(1) — 2002(s)

Cameron Tyer(6) — 1990(s), 1991 (s/d), 1992 (s/d), 1993 (s) ... doubles with Beck Jo Doncaster

Linnie Wheeless and Kristen Ialacci were 1993 ITA Rolex National Doubles Champions

Gabriela Caralho and Laura Fanjoy were 2006 ITA  National Doubles Finalists and All-American

Gabriela Carvalho was a 2006 ITA National Finalist

ITA National Senior of the Year

° 1993: Cameron Tyer

° 2000: Mary Missbach

  2008: Gab Carvalho

ITA National Freshman of the Year

° 2005: Gab Carvalho

Top 10 NCAA Finishes:

1989 - #6

1990 - #4;

1992 - #9;

1993 - #6;

1994 - #7

1999 - #7

2000 - #9

2006 - #6

2007 - #3